What is Marketing Emplacement?


MarketingEmplacement.com is a community to learn and share marketing techniques that emplace brands, keeping your customers from your competitors.

What is Marketing Emplacement?

This website is dedicated to a single concept, Marketing Emplacement. Marketing Emplacement is the physical, real world process of creating market niches that are used to separate your customers from competitors. Marketing Emplacement and Marketing Positioning together represent the process of physically and mentally separating or differentiating products in both the minds of customers and in physical niches that ideally have little competition.

Marketing Emplacement is a concept closely related to marketing positioning, yet it goes beyond the “mind of the customer” to creating more physical, or tan gable barriers. Marketing positioning  is an idea developed by Jack Trout in the early 1970s. It is a concept used to describe the creation of a specific and unique mental image of products, brands and companies, in the mind of consumers. When successful, it’s a way of thinking about a brand, one that tends to be similar across the audience.

The term “Marketing Emplacement was coined by Ronald L. Burgess in 2010 and was initially intended for to explain how successful small business had found and defended small niches.  Given the pressures on all organizations, marketers in mature companies have also seen the importance creating competitive advantages that prevent competitors from taking customers.

Purpose of MarkeitngEmplacement.com

This site is devoted to the practice of supporting the emplacement and positioning strategy with education for company owners and marketing professionals. It is also the reader support site for the book Finding Your Crack In The Market

Market Emplacement deals with actual and physical market niches then uses positioning to finish the process. Emplacement is both offensive and defensive. It includes geographic and specialization (and seven more) strategies to put a product in a place where customers want to buy it.

Think of Avis (we try harder), Apple, Google, Facebook, Coke and New York. In each case immediate mental thoughts and attitudes come to mind. They are created by reputation, a series of transactions, recommendations and comments by friends, cocktail chatter and of course very intentionally, usually by each company’s (or city’s) marketing department.

When it works well, most people will have similar images of each. These images and thoughts are perceptions built through market positioning.


These two strategies create very small niches where products have less competition. When a company has leadership in a market niche, it not only dominates the revenue volume, it dominates the profit margins too. Success follows for the company.

Companies that do not claim a top leadership position (one, two, three or the low cost provider) they end up being squeezed between price and leadership dominance. This is a no-man’s land where companies continue to struggle at developing new business and maintaining adequate margins. As a result, they remain unfunded for growth or innovation and languish with slow development.

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