Definitions of Niche Market Concepts

Marketing Emplacement – The process of placing your company between your customers and your competition in a way that leads to differentiation between products, services and companies.

Marketing Positioning – Positioning is not what you do to the product; it’s what you do to the mind of the prospect. It’s how you differentiate your brand in the mind. Positioning compensates for our over-communicated society by using an oversimplified message to cut through the clutter and get into the mind.

Niche Market – Narrowly defined markets for smaller numbers of customers who want specialized, customized, or specific products in a small geographic area or because of strong relationships with the employees.

Niche defense – The use of specific tactics that are intended to dissuade competitors from providing the same products or services.

Niche offence – An approach where a company strategy is to place products and services in between competitors and their customers, winning the business to the company.

Niche market differentiators-As characteristics of product innovations and niche creation are honed by these attributes, eventually products and/or companies develop private market niches. They are:

General Industry



Specification and Stickiness

Distribution Control

Referral and Symbiotic



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