Wealth Creation in Mental and Physical Spaces

This is the first blog post for the Market Emplacement website. It will be devoted to market  emplacement and market positioning. Although not well known or understood by most marketing professionals, these two strategies are the primary reason wealth is created by some businesses but not others. This is because market leadership provides much higher customer loyalty and higher margins.

Market positioning has largely been developed over the years by Jack Trout, Al Ries, and Steve Rivkin. These three have worked together to advance the notion that creating a specific mental image in the mind of the customer creates an advantage.

Market emplacement is the sister to positioning (especially for small business). Emplacement is the physical development of products and services that are placed in a specific market to attract specific customers. My book, Finding Your Crack In The Market, explores the basic principles of using emplacement as a tool for niche market protection, growth and creation.

The subject in the book is a good overview of the principles, although implementation of all of the moving parts to is not a single tactic or strategy, but a process that requires understanding and market information. The concept is not difficult, but implementation is more challenging.  This website will be a source of continuing support for those who choose to be proactive about becoming the leader in  niche markets and reap the financial rewards that follow.